Apoquel tablet price

What is the price of Apoquel?

Apoquel is an anti-allergy medication that is prescribed to dogs to root out the cause of their itch. There are a number of reasons that can make our dogs itch, several of these are environmental. While we hate to see our furry friends in obvious discomfort, there isn’t much we can do to relieve their symptoms. Unlike other medicines, Apoquel doesn’t just treat the symptoms of the itch, it goes to the root of the problem. These tablets are sold individually, with differing strengths. One 3.6 mg tablet would cost you about $2.99.

What is Apoquel?


Apoquel tablet

Apoquel is used to treat skin allergies like dermatitis in dogs. Though it is not a steroid, this drug is fast acting. You’ll be able to see your dog scratch less in around 4 hours. In 24 hours, the cause of the itch is controlled. The reason Apoquel works better than other drugs on the market is that it works on the other symptoms of dermatitis as well. It reduces the inflammation quickly too giving lasting relief to your pet.

Is Apoquel safe?

Apoquel is a fast-acting drug that is fairly safe for your dog. The most common side effects are vomiting and diarrhea, though these were seen in very few dogs that received Apoquel treatment. These side effects also subsided and stopped on their own without further medical assistance. With Apoquel you have the advantage of a fast-acting drug without the many side effects your dog would have to endure on steroids or other aggressive medication. Apoquel can be given to your dog twice a day for 14 days. After this, the dose is reduced to once a day.

Is it better than steroids?

Quite often, when a dog exhibits symptoms of acute dermatitis vets prescribe steroids. While these work well and quickly, there are a lot of side-effects associated with steroids. While side-effects of steroids are different for every individual dog, almost all of them will experience at least a few of these. With steroids, your dog could put on weight, start to consume a lot more water, pant and urinate excessively. These are just the mild ones; more severe side-effects range from diabetes to damage to the kidneys and liver.

Can it be used on all dogs?

dog under 12 month

Apoquel should not be used on any dog that is under 12 months old. It should also not be prescribed to pregnant dogs or lactating mothers. This medicine should not be given to a dog that is in the process of breeding. While this medicine is safe with many anti-inflammatory medications that are not a steroid, it is also safe to use with allergy shots and vaccines.

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Where can I find it?

US federal law only allows Apoquel to be used only with a prescription from a licensed veterinarian. If your dog is showing signs of an allergic skin condition you can talk to your vet about a prescription. Make sure to weigh your dog before to ascertain the dosage required for your dog. This drug is available in three strengths – 3.6mg, 5.4mg, and 16mg. One tablet with a strength of 16mg will cost $2.69, the 5.4 mg costs $2.59 and one tablet of 3.6mg is about $2.50. There are also online stores that provide discounts.

Seeing your dog in discomfort can be difficult to see. People that have used Apoquel on their pets reported a 97% improvement in their dog’s life and 95% improvement in their own lives. As this is safe to use and effective, it is a great way to improve your dog’s life.

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