Can Dogs Eat Mango?

Can Dogs Eat Mango?

Yes! Mango is safe to feed to your dog – as long as you take a few sensible precautions.

If your dog’s gotten into something he wasn’t supposed to eat, you don’t need to panic. As long as he didn’t swallow the pit, that mango your little fur ball just wolfed down isn’t going to kill him. In fact, it might just become his new favorite snack.

But that doesn’t mean that you should be serving your dog mango with every meal – even if he begs for it. Mangoes are one of those treats you should only feed to a dog with extreme care.

The Good News

Can Dogs Eat Mango?

First off, mango is delicious.

It’s not just something humans enjoy – dogs love it, too. If you slip your puppy a couple of chunks of mango, don’t be surprised if his tail starts wagging and he begs you for more.

And for the most part, it’s good for them.

Mangoes are loaded with vitamins. They have vitamin A, which helps avoid liver and kidney problems; vitamin B-6, which helps their metabolism; vitamin C, which helps keep them healthy; and vitamin E, which keeps their bodies strong.

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The Bad News

But before you put your dog on an all-mango diet, let’s make one thing clear: mangoes have a lot of sugar.

There’s 46g of sugar in one fruit, to be exact, and that’s a lot of sugar for a little dog.

Sugar is bad for dogs in all the same ways it’s bad for us. Doggie diabetes is a real thing, and with their little bodies, the risks in chomping down on a sweet treat are even worse than they are for us.

Dogs can get cavities, too. The only reason doggie cavities are rare is because they don’t eat as much sugar and acid as we do. If you change your dog’s diet, though, those cavities will come in. As happy as your dog might be while that mango juice is dribbling down his snout, he’s going to regret it when that tooth starts to hurt.

Like every animal, dogs need some sugar in their diets. Their bodies, though, are much smaller than ours, and hardly built to handle eating 46g of sugar in a single sitting. Your dogs get all the sugar they need from their regular diet. There’s no reason to add more.

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How Should I Feed My Dog Mango?

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If you’re so determined to watch a dog eat a mango that nothing will deter you, make sure you only give them a little bit – and do it the safe the way.

Peel the mango and remove the pit before giving it to your dog. The peel can be hard for dogs to digest, and while it won’t necessarily kill them, it can leave your dog feeling uncomfortable. The pit, on the other hand, can make your dog choke – and that could be lethal.

If your dog does swallow the pit, act fast. Struggling to breathe and coughing up fluid are signs that your dog might be choking and that you need to get him to a vet right away.

But as long as you keep that pit out and keep the quantities low, your dog should be okay. Just remember – mangoes are treats, not meals.

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