Can Dogs Eat Beets?

Can Dogs Eat Beets?

Are you a dog owner? Is making sure your dog maintain a healthy diet at the top of your list?

Well, some people may feel that certain foods fed to dogs can help them with keeping the best possible health, while others have a growing concern that foods like beets are a health hazard. Even though your pet may love to eat all kinds of food, it is always wise to stay cautious of what kind of foods are the best kind to feed your pet.

Our pets are like our children and we always have to make sure that what we feed them is right for their bodies.

However, there is the debating question on if it is right to feed dogs beets. The question is, once they eat beets, what will happen?

The rising fear in what will happen to a dog if they eat beets continue to put pet owners at pause when trying to decide if this vegetable is okay for them to eat. Other pet owners are extremely confident because they are at ease and know the health benefit of feeding their dog beets.

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Health Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Beets

Can Dogs Eat Beets?

Even though beets have grown to have a reputation of being unhealthy and even dangerous for dogs, some people have found a health benefit and even a special kind of way to prepare beets for their loving pet.

Some of the benefits of feeding your dog beets include them taking in fibre and vitamins.

Other benefits of feeding this healthy vegetable to your pet, are that they are nutritious and are good for your pet’s skin and coat. This low-calorie vegetable is a good antioxidant for your dog and not only provides fibre and vitamin C, but will also give your dog folate, manganese, and potassium.

If these aren’t good enough reasons to feed your dog beets, then other healthy reasons to feed your pet this nutritious vegetable, are that beets are believed to lower blood pressure, fight inflammation, and help prevent cancer.

Beets also helps boosts the stamina in dogs. So even though there is a concern when a dog eats beets, there are also health benefits to letting your pet eat them.

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Risks of Letting Your Dog Eat Beets

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Some people may see the benefits in letting their dog eat beets, but for many pet owners, the health risks are a real concern. Some of these concerns that pet owners tend to have include beets being a choking hazard as well as causing an obstruction in the small intestine of the dog.

With beets being a messy food, they can also get stuck in your pet’s fur and cause the red dye to end up on your floors and furniture. Some owners are distressed, because of the color of their animal’s feces after eating beets. They have been known to turn a dog’s feces blood red.

However, the biggest issue that owners have with feeding their dog beets, is that beets have high oxalates in them, which can be a problem for dogs prone to kidney and bladder stones. Some owners may also have to experience a gastrointestinal upset in their pet, resulting in bad gas and diarrhea. These issues with the beets can cause concern for any pet parent, but with moderation, feeding beets to your pet will limit your concern.

Whether you choose to feed your dog beets or not, it is best to use good judgment. If you do allow your pet to eat them, make sure it is in moderation and that it will not upset them too badly. If your dog has had bladder or kidney stones before, it is best to not feed beets to your dog at all. If you are wanting your dog to be healthier with this vegetable than prepare it in a way where it does not make them choke. Other than that be careful and keep a watchful eye.

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