Best Dog Breed Emotional Support

Best Dogs for Emotional Support

Our daily lives are full of unending drama. The immensity of the stress emanating from everyday activities varies from one person to another. How we handle the stress determines, to a certain extent of our mental health condition. While some are able to effectively handle this high-stress levels, there are those who are unable to cope. This latter group ends up with mental issues like depression and anxiety.

To help people with these mental issues, various treatments or therapies are administered. One of the best-proven methods to overcome depression or anxiety is having an Emotional Support Animal (ESA).

The animal provides a companion to the patient which eliminates the feeling of loneliness. This method is highly recommended by therapists and psychologists.

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

An ESA is an animal, prescribed by a therapist, which offers companionship and support to an individual thus contributing to their mental wellness. Emotional Support Animals differ from service animals which are meant to offer physical assistance to patients. Service animals must undergo some kind of training while ESA does not require much or any training.

Dogs are some of the best emotional support animals. They are great companions with lots of affection and unparalleled loyalty. However, it’s not every dog that qualifies to be good for emotional support. Good emotional support dogs possess some distinct qualities which make them suited for this job. So, what are these qualities?

Qualities that make a good emotional support dog

Just to point them out, these qualities include;

• Loyalty.
• Calmness.
• Comfortable when touched.
• Friendly.
• Confident.

Having listed the qualities that emotional support dogs should possess, let us now look at some great breeds that have these qualities and therefore are good for emotional support.

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Best Emotional Support -Dogs

1. Cavalier King Charles- Spaniel.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Named after King Charles II of England, this spaniel is a great choice for an emotional support dog. It is very friendly and has a calm personality which makes it very good with kids. If you are looking for a dog that will give you company in your long trek, go for the Cavalier King Charles -Spaniel. It is very energetic and therefore will make a good companion during those walks.

2. Golden Retriever.

Golden Retriever Dog

The Golden Retriever has a considerably large size but that does not limit it from making a perfect emotional support dog. This dog is very loving and has unmatched patience considering it been originally bred to work with people. It is very obedient, which is a quality you would want in a dog that you are considering some emotional support.

The dog, however, needs plenty of exercises and some grooming for its hairy thick coat. This provides a great opportunity for bonding which is essential in giving the emotional support one needs.

3. German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Dog

This is another great breed for emotional support. Its intelligence and strong body make it highly versatile in what it can do. German Shepherds are friendly but sometimes become overly protective which is a quality that makes them good guard dogs. They do need some training and exercises also.

4. Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog

The Yorkshire Terrier makes a very good emotional support dog from its ability to form strong bonds with people. They are very loyal and bold despite their small stature. They make good companions in almost every environment since they are very adaptable to any happening changes. You can take them with you anywhere as they are very easy to carry along from their small size.

5. Poodle.

Poodle Dog

Considered to be a highly intelligent dog with a longer lifespan than the others, the poodle qualifies to make a good companion for emotional support. Poodles are gentle and very friendly. They are considered to be hypoallergenic and therefore highly adaptable to whichever environment. However, they do need some serious grooming since they are very hairy.

6. Labrador retriever.

Labrador retriever Dog

The Labrador retriever is gentle and intelligent. They are quite energetic and will most of the time stay happy to lift your mood. They are very friendly and make great companions therefore good for emotional support. They have a waterproof coat which makes them very good, swimmers.

7. Pembroke Welsh- Corgi.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog

The Corgi, also called the Dwarf dog, is a highly intelligent and well-mannered dog. Originally bred for herding, the Corgi proves to be very obedient. It is very friendly and therefore makes a very good companion. Corgis are very energetic and therefore require some exercises to ensure they do not get bored.

8. Collie.

Collie Dog

Collies are highly intuitive to people’s feelings. This makes them great dogs for emotional support. They are also highly intelligent and very receptive to training. Their obedience and soft fur make them great pets. They are amazing with kids mostly from their gentle nature but are not so good with strangers. This is a great breed to consider for emotional support for anyone.

9. Pugs.

Pugs Dog

With a natural intuition that enables them to detect people’s moods, pugs make great companions to people needing some emotional support. They are famed for their wrinkled skin but that does not make them less cute and adorable. They are fun and quite playful which makes them very good with kids.

10. Chihuahua.

Chihuahua Dog

The Chihuahua is another toy dog that will be great for emotional support. They are great at forming strong bonds with people, therefore, make very good companions. They are also very intelligent and love to be petted on. Although they have a small sized body, they are fearless hence make very good watchdogs. The Chihuahua makes a great dog help you overcome anxiety or depression.

These are some of the best breeds out there when you are considering having an emotional support dog. There are some important things you need to note; to legally make your dog an ESA, you need a recommendation from your therapist or otherwise, it remains to be your pet.

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Also, since emotional support dogs are mostly treated like pets, they do not enjoy so many legal protections. You cannot just take them with you in every other private business unless you have the authorization of the owner.

Having an emotional support dog is a great way to get rid of your anxiety or depression and also have a loyal friend that will stick by your side under every circumstance. Get to buy any of the above breeds and you are sure to have a loyal companion in your battle against anxiety or depression.


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